Wednesday, October 20, 2004

VPP Star

our facility just got VPP Star certified. as a reward the employees got to 3 gifts from a selectin of 5. our choices were between 1 of two clocks, a 6 pack cooler, a hat, car sun visor thing, or a mug? I can't remember what the last choice was. but check out the pictures i found.

one of the clocks. it has indigo backlight, alarm, and it came with the single AA battery. The other clock we got is very small. pewter type thing with the face of a wrist watch inlayed in it. one of my coworkers refered to it as 'a weapon'. I'm very dissapointed that I can't find a picture of it.

the 6 pack cooler thing, of course it has VPP STAR on it instead and ours is blue.


forkev said...

oh baby
look at the way that hoogie is creaping outta the bag.
i hope it did not leave behind any innards.

palegreenhorse said...

so you didn't say what you got! does the cooler come with the limp, crawly hoagie? you know it was trying to look svelt for kev.

forkev said...

sveltei think it's spelled ther other way