Monday, October 18, 2004

The Power of Symmetry

Dave told me one time that he solved part of his thermodynamics test with ratios instead of the method presented in the text. The instructor gave him a hard time about not using the correct method. Now I'm all for the 'proper' way, but come on, a right answer without cheating is a right answer. If the problem was trivial enough to be solved with an inferior method then it really wasn't a problem was it?

I think that Ratios is outclassed by symmetry. Just the other day I was reviewing some design changes for someone and it was symmetry that told me the person screwed up. Logic dictates conditional outcomes, If -> Then. thats usually not to hard to follow, where most people stop thinking is in the If -> Then -> Applies to ALL OF THIS mentality that symmetry has to offer.

Given my discussion on Symmetry I think I will give you an example of Symmetry mis applied. you see, one day I got a call from the city that said one of the fences that goes around my house was in violation of some building code. Upon close inspection of the code I determined that indeed it may be. The fence existed before I ever moved in and was not erected by my hand or my $. The big question was WHY NOW, why did the city all of a sudden care? well, someone down the way was applying for a permit to build a fence very similar to mine. when the city did not issue a permit (against code) this person walked around the neighborhood and turned in every one that was in 'violation'. This guy tried to use Symmetry to get the permit. the city was bound to code and thus he never got it. an inspecter never showed up to review my fence. The correct application of symmetry would have been to build a fence in violation like the rest of the neighborhood and never apply for a permit. you see logic dictates that if the city turned a blind eye to everyone else, he should have tried without a permit.

Do you have a good application of Symmetry? if so, post.

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forkev said...

I may grow symmetry into 'path of least resistence'
Example: if someone (aka a wife) ask's you a questions and you weight the outcome of an answer verses silence and choose silence - this may be an application of my rule 'path of least resistence'
--now not always a good idea, but it's important to weigh possible outcomes with priorities - and in many times 'least resistence' gives you a new perspective.
NOW - apply this in a spritiaul model, where you are looking for the least resistence with your Creator, and it drastically changes how you behave - I beleive honesty, tollerence, and patience are derived by focusing on that relationship first, instead of those around you.
I've been reading some counter perspectives on bush's actions in iraq and have noticed that he's pushing for a devine direction in his actions - stating that God's gift to humanity is freedom, and it's the USA's obligation to pass this on. Crusades, anyone? I beleive we've been conditioned to beleive bush is acting out of the path of least resistence in the long run by taking the war to the enemy and not waiting for it here - yet a quick review of some crusades and the use of 'God' in them lead me to see some horrible correlations. I'm not implying the Iraqy people were not oppressed, I'm just saying that i'm relying on 3rd party information that may be biased to determine this conclusion. Mix in a little devine right, and big stick syndrome, and poof - you've got a bunch of people killing eachother, which is never good. (ok, good if you ONLY look at the old testimate)

So, would the path of least resistence, that is conscience of a Creator lead to praying for one's enemy and waiting before beating the crap out of them? any ideas?

in the case of the fence - I'm a big fan of pleading ignorant. Peole can usually spend the time building the fence and thinking up a good excuse - besides, i'd rather a 100$ fine for a stupid fence, then having 20 neighbors ticket at me. that seems like the path of least resistence.