Friday, October 15, 2004


I'm absolutly SICK of procedures. the other day one of my coworkers got a little upity about me not following the procedure but when pressed he was unable to explain. I then procedeed to find several examples of his incompotence [to his disliking of course]. SO TAKE THE PLANK OUR OF YOUR EYE BEFORE YOU EVEN HINT AT MINE.

i'm still looking for the procedure to find a procedure.

procedures we still need
1) how often is it normal to use the restroom
2) do I call security or not when i see someone leave their lights on in the parking lot? after all, it may be one of those fancy new cars that leaves the lights on for a time even after the person leaves. how do I tell?
3) how often does something have to be performed before it is considered REPETATIVE and in need of the ergonomic teams assistance?

the rest of you can post me your worst procedure related problem, or if you have none (sarah, you got any procedures?) give me one you'd like me to try and release here.. something like how many times to flush the toilet if it just wont go.


palegreenhorse said...

I would like to see a procedure on how to get out of someone what they are really asking. The other day one of my bosses (official teacher of the lab that I teach) was asking what I was planning on doing after graduation. What did he really want to know, surely he didn't wander down to my lab at 5:30pm just to shoot the breeze about what I am doing after graduating.

I also think a bathroom procedure on flushing and leaving would be good.
GE probably also needs a procedure on how much algea a beverage container is allowed to grow and how to treat it once it reaches maximum capacity.

forkev said...

I'm up for building a procedure to determine audience comprehension.


I've had two parties ask me how vnc works.
I've explained that we need at least one public IP or port fowarding on one end on tcp/udp port 5900 to enable remote control of a server. I've explained this over 4 times in email - and several times verbally.

after I thought at least ONE party understood (weeks later) i get an email saying that the one party views spending 150$ for setup and 10$ month for a public IP as the only solution even though I repeatedly put the burdon on the remote host and their incompentence on setting up port fowarding or having a public IP. why on earth should a client be resposnible for providing their own mechanism for support!!! if I were in tune to a customer, i'd provide them a tool for me to support them, not yell at them for having tools i don't know how to use and refuse to setup. bahhh!

so - note to self - never assume someone understands you even though they say they do and you've told them 5 times.