Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Column of Smoke

I'm was returning to my desk from a trip I just made to the other side of the building and I smell the Spicy Mustard! I look everywhere and cant find, so I continue on my merry way. halfway through the rat maze of cubicles I see a column of smoke coming up over the wall. I look over and POORING out out of the top of someones monitor is smoke! in about 5 seconds a ton of people join me in our forensic analysis of the stink. The poor guy shuts the monitor off, and moves it a little on his desk. (it is a 19 or 21 inch, so a bit of a beast). I reminded him to also UNPLUG the monitor, as it does no good if the power switch/relay is fried and current is still applied. [ah, another rhyme]


mari said...

Wow!!! we almost never have anything like that happen. well let me think about of the houses had a fire start in the wall about a month ago. the town fire department came out. and in meeting two of members were so hot that i was wishing i was wearing an asbestos suit. but other than that .... nothing.

palegreenhorse said...

awesome! although i am curious if anyone thought to pick up a fire extinguisher in case it got out of hand. did the glob of engineers determine the cause of death?