Thursday, October 14, 2004

gmail no longer hot

Kev sent me a link yesterday to turn your gmail account into a hard drive. yeah.. you've all heard about the linux hack that does this but I think this one may actually work on Win32. check out out HERE.

In my never ending quest to get someone to actually read this I have again posted on I think I am only 1 of two people that actually read so its not surprising no one is taking the invites. my post went something like this:

advantage? (12:48pm EST Thu Oct 14 2004)whats the advantage to Wi-Fi VOIP access? does not not use my minutes? will it increase my coverage? I really don't see the point. Liky Scully said the only significants is if I can use it over my own network [not using minutes of course]Somebody PLEASE take my GMAIL invites! - by

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palegreenhorse said...

na... the "all knowing" goatguy posts there doesn't he? and i think he might actually read too.