Sunday, February 26, 2006

hp2 pic

This ones mine. we went on a little trip to pyramid lake. saw some crusty brain looking rocks at the alkalai lake. On a different note, it takes a special person to race one of these monsters up a ski slope

Friday, February 17, 2006

new job!

with a title like that you'd expect my smile-ic-on to look a little diferent


I have heard some new rumors that even more qualified people are applying for the new job I applied for. not just your average Jo, but people that are being moved from even higher jobs. so.... yeah... I'm not even a candidate. at this point I'll be lucky for an interview.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


this fall will make 5 years for me at my current employer (who shall rename nameless). in that time i've been sick a grand total of 2 days. that is until this week. missed monday and tuesday, and wasn't going to come in today but I decided unpacking boxes wasn't helping me get better so maybe looking at my employees with blood-shot eyes would perk my spirits.

sure enough, they said 'you look like hell' first thing when I walked in. they all tried to send me back home but then I found I have a meeting with the leader of our ~2500 person business at 5pm.

so..... no going home early. crap.. on top of that I have school tomarrow so I can't ditch tomarrow, and their is holiday on monday, so i'd look like a weasle for missing friday,

thus, i'm stuck at work sick.

I just re-read this and I am quite proud of the standard typos / spelling I fall prey to. =)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

hp2 fuel tank!

I just heard back from HPN! I'm so happy SOMEONE is thinking about it.

From: HPN-Motorradtechnik GmbH
Date: Feb 9, 2006 12:27 AM
Subject: AW: BMW HP2 larger fuel tank?
To: k2h

Hello k2h,
thanks for your email. HPN develope a larger tank - we hope it can be available at the end of March, capacity ca. 26ltr, price is unknown at the moment.

best regards


-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: k2h []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2006 21:36
Betreff: BMW HP2 larger fuel tank?

Do you have a larger fuel tank for the BMW HP2? I wasn't able to find one on your web site, but I heard rumors that you may be in the process of making one. what capacity are you targeting, and how much do you think the tank will cost?


seems someone strapped a 12L on the backhere

hp2 update

Call me psycho, but I'm loving the $20k dirtbike, and that is all anyone will ever see in it. I was parked outside taco bell and some old chap walks up and says 'is that the 20k one?'. like I said.. thats all anyone will see in it.

and I am crazy. already had it off road. nothing to gnarly, but through some sand (keep above 40mph..) the thing is awesome!

fuel consumption is a bit of a concern. the specs says 4.1l/100km at 90kmph and 5.5l/100km at 120kph, (google makes it easy) and I can assure you I've been riding it much faster than 65. I'm getting around 40mpg, which is way to little on a 3 gallon gas tank to take it to alaska, so I'm going to have to address that. I really don't want a 2gal can hanging of the back, but thats the cheapest and easiest. if I could increase my metal working skills I could make some dakar style side tanks for it. that would be awesome, but a bit out of my current skill set.

I've got to address the night light situation, and get some cheep 20$ walmart light up there. its nice to know that the HP2 shares the same H4 bulb as the F650 (jens bike). at least I think it does.

one more thing. hand warmers! mom gave me some hand warmers a while ago and I got a chance to use them (the same ones we used paint balling). my commute is about 1hour, and I've done it in sub freezing temps (28degF?) its weird beccause its the wind speed (80mph) that has the worst effect on hand warmth. I slow down to 30mph and pass a sign that says 32F and my hands actually start to warm up.. its weird. its around $400 to add heated grips. it would be nice but i'm not sure its worth the money. I've got to address the fuel situation first.

hand warmer secret: the hand warmers from mycoal grabber are carbon and iron. as the iron oxides in O2 it creates heat. they come in a sealed bag for a reason. to extend the life of your warmers, reseal them in a ziplock. they take a little bit longer to heat up the second go around, but they still work. so far I've used one twice (for 1 hr each time). in theory it should work for 3 or 4 1hr events. they say 5 or 7 hours on them but i'll be happy if I get 4 uses.

The 'cold weather' gear consists of only a few things.

Gloves, some old alpine stars that jens dad got for me when we did our FIRST motorcycle tour thorugh oregon and washington. that was way back when we were still in college. over 5 years ago. maybe 6 now? they are still very good, and well worth the origional 30$ cost.

Coat: mom got it for me for my birthday about 7 years ago. touratech short coat. was around $150. still works great and has a polysters wind proof liner which helps a ton.

Polyester pants, for under the jeans. cost $25 from sierra trading post. well wroth it.

over pants: $20 wind/semi water proof pants from walmart. they actually work quite well.

boots: not realy cold weather gear, as I wear boots no matter what the temp, but full grain water proof boots from target cost $25. I got them for wood cutting a few years ago and they have since been to alaska and back on a bike and still are reasonably water proof. the only thing to take them down to date was kevs game of paintball. I have motorcross boots as well, but not really needed for my commute jaunts. it'll be a few months before I workup the skillset to actually need the motorcross boots off road.

the neck warmer, $15 gift from jen is a MUST. impossible to ride fast in cold weather without neck/chin protection. I have augmented this with wind proof nylon. I a small bag used to keep your round sun shades in the car in. I cut a hole through t he top and it just BARELY fits over my head. put the neck warmer underneath and the wind proof over it and your good to go. oh yeah.. the sun shades were turned into sleds last year and we're still using them for that.

When I show up at work wearing all this junk I've got called quite a few weird things. my favorite so far is 'the ice man'

Crash bars are now avilable from the US distributor and are $300. I priced out the valve covers (what the crash bars protect basically) and they are 130-$150 each, so maybe I'll wait till I 'hole one' and then get the bars.

rant against home depot

I promised my brother I was going to get him a garbage disposal for christmas, but didn't get around to getting one until way after the holidays. I have a gift card to home depot, so I walked into home depot and explained I want to purchase something, but pick it up at another store (in another state) so I don't have to pay to ship it any where. that makes sense right? part of the leverage of a chain store is that they have stores in different locations that [should] work together to satisfy the customer.

The lady at customer serviced explained she couldn't do that, but there would be no problem if I called the 800 number. I thought to myself 'yeah right' but I proceeded to call when I got home. not surprisingly, the 800# went straight to india. I don't have anything against the india call centers, I really don't, its just that they [the company that contracts with india call center] doesn't sufficiently train or give sufficient power to those on the phone to actually do ANYTHING to help you. they mean well, but theres really nothing they can do.

after about 20 minutes he 3-wayed me in to the store I wanted to pick the merchandise up from (in washington) and we had a little conversation about how it wasn't possible with a gift card, but if I wanted to call and do a credit card order they could handle it no problem. something about how they actually had to SCAN the gift card.

I explained that below the barcode there was a series of numbers that I could give him over the phone, just like a CC and that should work. no-can-do. home depot won't even take their own currency!

I'm a lowes man now. unfortunatly the home depot is still closer to I am a more freqent patron of HomeDepot than lowes. it really tears me up inside when I walk in there Cuase i KNOW lowes is better.

so... kev.. did you get the card?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gasoline faq has a great article on gasoline. it drives our society, so why not educate yourself. for starters, oil isn't dead dinos, its dead vegetarian dinos dinner. I thought that was a good tidbit.

For all you people that want to run your engine off of water, I suggest reading section 9.8.2, where it says it is possible. (water mixed with gas of course)

section 10.2 gives some good insite into how to turn a 1.5L honda civic engine into a 1000hp formula 1 racer. very intersting.

other good tidbist:

A complete Octane Rating engine system costs about $200,000 with all the services installed. Only one company manufactures these engines, the Waukesha Engine Division of Dresser Industries, Waukesha. WI 53186.

Also ensure that the service stationstorage tank has not been refilled recently. retailers are supposed to wait several hours before bringing a refilled tank online, to allow suspended undissolved water to settle out, but they do not always wait the full period.

The legend of mothballs as an octane enhancer arose well before WWII hennaphthalene was used as the active ingredient. Today, the majority of mothballs use para-dichlorobenzene in place of naphthalene, so choose carefully if you wish to experiment :-). There have been some concerns about the toxicity of para-dichlorobenzene, and naphthalene mothballs have againbecome popular. In the 1920s, typical gasoline octane ratings were 40-60 [11], and during the 1930s and 40s, the ratings increased by approximately 20 units as alkyl leads and improved refining processes became widespread [12]

applied for new job!

big news!

I have applied for the next level up job. they gave my bosses job to someone else and this other (lateral) job is now posted. out of about 5 or 6 people I expected to apply only myself and my friend have applied. I'm pretty sure he'll beat me out, but I've got a few things going for me. MBA student, Pro engineering certified, and I'm younger.

sounds weird huh? since when did less experience get you any where? around here they seem to be taking the 'long term' persepective on people and the last few jobs have actually been filled with the younger candidates. maybe they think younger ones are more maulable. thats probably the case, but who cares. better take advantage of it while I still can.

the new job would be leader of the machine shop. about 65 full time machinest / misc. workers report to that leader. lucky for me I know nothing about machinest so when the work gets behind I'd just get a bigger loudspeaker.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


its so hard to get good maps, and good data! all I want is a list of gas stations in north america and an approximate GPS coordinate, I'd even settle for a city name next to the gas station, but alas, all I can find so far is some pseudo accurate search tool I found a reasonable article talking about digital maps on