Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gasoline faq has a great article on gasoline. it drives our society, so why not educate yourself. for starters, oil isn't dead dinos, its dead vegetarian dinos dinner. I thought that was a good tidbit.

For all you people that want to run your engine off of water, I suggest reading section 9.8.2, where it says it is possible. (water mixed with gas of course)

section 10.2 gives some good insite into how to turn a 1.5L honda civic engine into a 1000hp formula 1 racer. very intersting.

other good tidbist:

A complete Octane Rating engine system costs about $200,000 with all the services installed. Only one company manufactures these engines, the Waukesha Engine Division of Dresser Industries, Waukesha. WI 53186.

Also ensure that the service stationstorage tank has not been refilled recently. retailers are supposed to wait several hours before bringing a refilled tank online, to allow suspended undissolved water to settle out, but they do not always wait the full period.

The legend of mothballs as an octane enhancer arose well before WWII hennaphthalene was used as the active ingredient. Today, the majority of mothballs use para-dichlorobenzene in place of naphthalene, so choose carefully if you wish to experiment :-). There have been some concerns about the toxicity of para-dichlorobenzene, and naphthalene mothballs have againbecome popular. In the 1920s, typical gasoline octane ratings were 40-60 [11], and during the 1930s and 40s, the ratings increased by approximately 20 units as alkyl leads and improved refining processes became widespread [12]

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