Wednesday, February 15, 2006


this fall will make 5 years for me at my current employer (who shall rename nameless). in that time i've been sick a grand total of 2 days. that is until this week. missed monday and tuesday, and wasn't going to come in today but I decided unpacking boxes wasn't helping me get better so maybe looking at my employees with blood-shot eyes would perk my spirits.

sure enough, they said 'you look like hell' first thing when I walked in. they all tried to send me back home but then I found I have a meeting with the leader of our ~2500 person business at 5pm.

so..... no going home early. crap.. on top of that I have school tomarrow so I can't ditch tomarrow, and their is holiday on monday, so i'd look like a weasle for missing friday,

thus, i'm stuck at work sick.

I just re-read this and I am quite proud of the standard typos / spelling I fall prey to. =)


palegreenhorse said...

well at least a higher up saw that you were dedicated to coming in even when sick... although chances are he won't see it that way. now he'll think of you as that guy that is always sick, even though he only saw you sick once.

forkev said...

my mexican virus sucked this summer.
i was so sick i didn't eat for a week or drink more then about 200oz of water in a week. as little as 12 oz a day.

i hope you get better soon.

~ AH ~ said...
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~ AH ~ said...

The last two years, I've gotten sick for a week or more each time. Apparently starting to work full time causes me to get sick, as I'd never gotten sick before.

I've found it better to just stay home and get better, though I feel guilty at not being at work. I'd rather get better sooner, and not kill myself trying to work, or be at work feeling like crap just wishing to be in bed. Plus, when people at work tell me I look like crap (though I may feel better), I know it's not worth it.

Plus, I HATE the people who come to work but are still sick, and I hear them a few offices down hacking up a lung. (One recently left papers on my desk, so I got germ killer cleaning supply and cleaned my WHOLE cubicle area. I DO NOT want the shared germs...)

palegreenhorse said...

the nih common cold information basically says it doesn't matter what you do, you are going to have the cold for a certain amount of time. the good news for alodia is that the virus is most likely to be spread about 4 days after they get the cold, when people are drippy in the nose. so the coughers in the office aren't the worst people. it is the people who come in to use your tissue box.

Janell said...

I learned this winter that going to work on dayquill is a bad idea to. I agree with Alodia that staying home to get better is the way to go but know how it is - although I'm not a person of authority :)

k2h said...

well. I'm feeling a little better. for some reason my eyes kind of feel dry.

I was in a meeting with a bunch of people for about an hour. I started to turn purple and sweat was beading up on my forhead, but I was successful in supressing a cough for about 25 min.

forkev said...

what alodia did NOT mention is that she was spraying windex into the air like an obsessive compulsive ; i was waiting for her to spray lung-hackger-girl when she coughed by, but that never happened.