Wednesday, January 25, 2006

january update

I have done a terrible job of keeping everyone informed of my activities, so here is my january update.

1) the new bike is awesome. I have not had the time or endurance for 28degF weather to get more than about 100 miles on it, but I'm very happy. the other day a person stopped next to me at the stop light and rolled down the window to admire the bike. he started in on how he had an -80GS in 80's and he made three trips from sandiego to alaska on it.. loved it..... etc.. I get the feeling I'm going to get alot of these stories.

2) I may be applying for my bosses job. she moves to california to oversee another plant and after all the pieces fall back to earth a similar job (over a sister division) will most likely be posted as open. I don't think I stand a very good chance. I will mostly likely be beat out by my best friend at work. but its all good. should I get it, I could be making 20 grand more in about 2 yrs time. its all about the money for me.

3) the new house is great! no major deffects, and the neighbors have temporarily stopped parking in front of our house as the builders have finshed repair work on many peoples driveway curbs. we'll see how long it lasts. the joy of being in a coldesac is that you have tons of curb space, the reality is that everyone thinks since you have lots of curb space your happy to share it with them. I'm thinking of posting a sign out front that says "is your driveway full? why don't you go back and check" but haven't resorted to it yet.

4) we got a new kitty door, but haven't had time to install it yet. I hope the kitty remembers how nice it is outside and starts using the sand pile out there.'

5)school starts tomarrow night. ugggg... I was able to clep out of one class, but this other one, marketing managmenet, it for sure going to suck. the teacher already assigned HW before the class started, and the lab fees are pretty high, and we have 40$ of supplimental material to purchase.... on and on........ yeah.. it'll suck.

6) people keep getting hurt at work. usually its not a big deal, if its people that work for someeone else, but I own about half of the recent incidents in an 800 person plant. the joy of overseeing hourly employees. they mean well. but they arn't all.. well.... theres no polictially correct way to say it so i won't.

and this.... this is the end of my 5 minute lunch. until the end of next month.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Human Genome

anyone remember the big human genome project? cancer still isn't cured, but i'm sure there will still be big advances made from it. I found some visuals on homosapien genome view that seemed pretty interesting. well, as interesting as biology can look to an EE.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


every now and again I want some inspiration. why come up with something origional when you can just borrow an idea from the US gov use to have a patent search but it sucked. this one seems to actually be usable. check it out.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


here is a day by day update on the 2006 paris to dakar race. it looks like this year there are a few F650GS's competing as well as a modified VW toureg II (I didn't know they had a second version) I think someone died yesterday. I havne't figured out who or why yet, but I'll keep reading.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hp2 gearing

this is so I can figure out what 5000RPM is without a Tac. I calculated it with info found in the manual. I figure its probalby wrong but with 10 miles on the bike it seems I may have got close. it passes the 'smell' test anyway.