Wednesday, December 28, 2005

erzberg Rally

I love rally racing. soop up a WRX, slide it around corners until you roll it. Thats the kind of fun the entire family can learn to love. thats kind of what I thought I was going to be watching when I fired up a clip from what i think is the erzberg rally. found on

I think think this is what one of the guys was trying to tell me about awhile back where they race out of an open mine pit. looks brutal.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

sat maps

more arial (sp?) sat maps. check out windows live local powered by virtual earth.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I pick mine up on dec 30,
watch an early version in germany here
watch another race

Saturday, December 17, 2005

gmail spoof

Like a sucker, I fell for this one, the link is not a link to, it is to, I suppose to fish for account passwords. if you get this one, don't click it.
------------------------ to me More options Dec 16 (23 hours ago)

This is an automated message from The Gmail Team. Please do not reply!

Our bot has detected that your account has been inactive for about 2 months.

This information may be wrong, because the bots are still in beta stage. So
if you are still using this account please click link below and verify.


We are terribly sorry for any inconveniences.


The Gmail Team

Monday, December 12, 2005

$500 for less

We are purchasing a fridge for our new house. something in the vacinity of $1,000 seemed semi reasonable so we targeted that price point. we came up with a very nice fridge. before purchasing it we drove down to the developer and measured on last time. we decided 10 inches of sticking out was a little excessive for a fridge, so we looked at getting one that wasn't quite as deep. how much does less cost you? in our case $500. now we are paying around $1,500 for basically the same fridge, just not quite as deep. gotta love that.

vw relay update

a little update for all of my avid readers. I replaced the relay 109 with the real one, and with great reverence retired the switch hack job to a semi-safe location in the boot (trunk). this go around it was as easy as three Torx T15 screws, prying plastic around on the bottom of the dash, removing the large bigger relay bellow 109, replacing 109, putting large big relay back in and screwing it all together while forcing the plastic to fit on the underside of the dash. all in all, a 5 minute job. so...... in good car fashion, I'm sure you thinking whats wrong now? well.. the drivers side door has begun to squeek again. its winter, and its cold, and since I have boycotted the dealer the door has never been greased in its life. someday I'll have to grease it... but not today.

macro lense

I was reading slashdot and ran across how to make a macro lense from a pringles can. it seems the pringles can is the new duct tape, or the new zip tie, or something. the results were astonishing, I give you a ballpoint pen.

Friday, December 02, 2005

WRT Firmware

a little rundown of links for me that covers some of the available firmware for the WRT54G $20 subscription
sourceforge wifi-box