Monday, December 12, 2005

vw relay update

a little update for all of my avid readers. I replaced the relay 109 with the real one, and with great reverence retired the switch hack job to a semi-safe location in the boot (trunk). this go around it was as easy as three Torx T15 screws, prying plastic around on the bottom of the dash, removing the large bigger relay bellow 109, replacing 109, putting large big relay back in and screwing it all together while forcing the plastic to fit on the underside of the dash. all in all, a 5 minute job. so...... in good car fashion, I'm sure you thinking whats wrong now? well.. the drivers side door has begun to squeek again. its winter, and its cold, and since I have boycotted the dealer the door has never been greased in its life. someday I'll have to grease it... but not today.


palegreenhorse said...

don't forget the door lock on the passenger side. it doesn't always unlock. it tries to push the thing up, but it falls back down. i have gotten quite good at catching it at the top when it is unlocked; i open the door before it can fall back into the locked position.

k2h said...

oh yeah.. I kind of considered it a game and forgot it was broken.