Friday, February 17, 2006

new job!

with a title like that you'd expect my smile-ic-on to look a little diferent


I have heard some new rumors that even more qualified people are applying for the new job I applied for. not just your average Jo, but people that are being moved from even higher jobs. so.... yeah... I'm not even a candidate. at this point I'll be lucky for an interview.


palegreenhorse said...


k2h said...

i got my interview! next monday. I havne't heard any more rumors of overly strong candidates so I may be back in the running.

k2h said...

latest update, we finally havea strong candidate that will blow the 4 of us out of the water. =( the interview went fine. if i'm a candidate I can look forward to 3 or 4 more before the job is mine. if i'm out, that will be the last I hear of it. its now offically a 2 week waiting period as we wait to finish the first round of interviews.

k2h said...

last and final update. the first round of interviews were completed, 3 of the 5 interviewees are proceding to stage 2. I WAS CUT AT THE FIRST ROUND. oh well. life goes on.