Wednesday, February 08, 2006

applied for new job!

big news!

I have applied for the next level up job. they gave my bosses job to someone else and this other (lateral) job is now posted. out of about 5 or 6 people I expected to apply only myself and my friend have applied. I'm pretty sure he'll beat me out, but I've got a few things going for me. MBA student, Pro engineering certified, and I'm younger.

sounds weird huh? since when did less experience get you any where? around here they seem to be taking the 'long term' persepective on people and the last few jobs have actually been filled with the younger candidates. maybe they think younger ones are more maulable. thats probably the case, but who cares. better take advantage of it while I still can.

the new job would be leader of the machine shop. about 65 full time machinest / misc. workers report to that leader. lucky for me I know nothing about machinest so when the work gets behind I'd just get a bigger loudspeaker.


Sarah said...

Keep us posted. :)

k2h said...

I just heard there may be a new applicant. someone with much more experience, and a VERY qualified candiddate. now probably neither my friend or me will get it =(

~ AH ~ said...

So what would new job really get you anyway, other than experience in something you currently know nothing about? and is current position making you want to move up/out?

speaking from a HR position, younger is better in that they have a bit more current knowledge of stuff, can bring a new perspective, they are quicker to take on new things, not "afraid" to learn, and they have the possibility to stay longer, add more youth to the company, and not look at your work force realizing you've got a bunch of "old fogeys".

Experience or lack of is a HUGE consideration, though some people you(HR) can tell definately have more potential to learn than others, so therefore inexperience doesn't create fear in hiring.

k2h said...

to wrap this whole issue up, in the end the least qualified candidate got it. no degree. shes working on her BS and i'm working on my masters. I have 4 year degree from an acredetied institution, and a professional license. yup.. great choice. I get the feeling others [her new peers] wern't so keen on the selection