Thursday, October 28, 2004


so I have almost all of my materials to get started. the plan? an 8x16 'storage' shed located on the side of my house. it will be apprximatly 4 feet from the house and at the other end 5 feet from my lot line (a street). i'm kinda pushing the code. the code is pretty vague here so I'm taking advantage of that. if no one complains i'll be set. if they complain, i'll just have to get a winch and move it, that or a chainsaw to cut 8 foot off of it, or whatever else the neighbors decide to complain about.

total cost? i'm hopeing less than 500$. now at first glance that sounds expensive doesn it? well add up the cost and you'll find that is about 1/4 the price that you can find at homedepot. i've got lotsa lumber from a friend.

things left to by
siding: (13) 4x8 sheets @ $17/ea
roof sheeting: (6?) 4x8 sheets 7/16in $ 14/ea
shingles: 2 squares, cost not estimated yet
tarpaper/roofpaper stuff: cost not estimated
floor hangers / misc. hardware $50
screws / fasteners $75 ( purchased a 25lb bucket of 2 1/2 inch screws, i'm looking forward to using them

This county seems very specific. i kinda like it all spelled out yet with those rules i'd be in violation on several counts.

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k2h said...

this place seems even more picky.