Thursday, October 21, 2004

the history of k2h

So, some may wonder why I have used k2h for the name of this thing. probably about the only person to remember why is Kev and Dan. You see it all started in highschool when we needed a way to indetify the students. way back then the school just used some form of initials and since my initials are kh and my twins initials are kh that posed a bit of a prolbem. I was blessed with the name of k2h in the system and I have used it ever since.

ahhh.. those were the good old days. I actually got a job as the computer/typing lab maintance, admin, grader type guy. it really sucked. the novell network was run with RG-58? cable. that old point to point crap. I think it even had marks on the cable where you were to cut and add connection so you wouldn't mess up the wave form. hmm.. not much to mess up at 10mbits. but I digress.....

the printer was always going offline and the only way to get it online was to get the lab instructor back to logon to novell and reset the print server. what a crappy system it was. I was totally sick of always calling because this happened on a daily basis and I WAS THE LAB GUY. so.. i loaded up my trusty keyboard logger TSR program and got the password to the system (banana).

Kev.. tell us the story of how you used that against her later!


palegreenhorse said...

ha! you do me too little credit! i remember where the k1/2h came from (and although i don't remember my login i still remember my password---typing). what i never did figure out was why you got the 2. your first name is alphabetically first as is your middle name... hey what about your ss#?

forkev said...

I can't say that I remember using the password against the admin directly: yet I do rmeember lance putting his pencil into the powersupply fan and THEN into the floppy drive (3.5") - that was funny. poor dude had to leave class for the whole quarter because of that.
I also remember getting in trouble for changing the screen saver, or was it the desktop - BOAT load of trouble - way back when the admin had a superiority complex, and any infringement on that from the commoners was a BAD thing - well, i had quite a strong/stern talking to, and i just volunteerred at the end that it's better I get in trouble for changing the screen saver then for charging 1000's of credit card numbers money... that didn't get much of a response, and i was released back into general population.

forkev said...

those days bring up the memories, like,
mark borrowed them on the condition that if they did not come back i'd be compensated 100$
no picks, no money.
it's been like 9 years since then. what on earth. With depreciation and all i'm out like 17$!