Friday, October 15, 2004


so I've started to rethink my schooling position. I currently have a BSEE and everyone else around here is getting their masters in either computer science or EE. I'm thinking an MBA should be pretty easy given my background. kev. you got any input? is business pretty easy, just plain stupid or what? I'm thinking given an undergrad in engineering, an MBA, my PE, and wh at ever else I pick up along the way maybe I can get my own leather chair at work some day. jen. when I get a nice chair i'll let you come sit in it with me.

speaking of two people, a chair, and after hours activities I think that happened not to long ago. I'm still trying to figure out which chair it was. I hope it wasn't mine.


palegreenhorse said...

ewww! can't they get a room?

although a comfy chair sounds nice.

forkev said...

o baby. a chair?! is there no imagionation anymore? dan and sara's calandar they got me last year has MANY chairs in it - yet no hammocks ...

as far as the mba - YES
business is straightfoward. do a little math, learn some terms, and regeritate it with enough variance to make it appear you have an opion that conincides with the instrutor/textbook/anser key (or disagree with it profously yet profide the answer they are looking for and discuess why it's wrong) and you'll get an A.
In retrospect, i as very disappointed how other students romped on me for practically application of cs programming I did ('cuz it made them look bad I guess) and how TRULY LAZY most of the students were. most of my classes i could cram 25 minutes before the test and pass - easy.

this leads me to beleive that if a mba is an extention of this environment, aside from working in teams and carrying much more weight then your own, it should not be near as grueling as Engineering. THAT is some work.