Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Big Win

In the business I work in they have been throwing around the term 'Big Win' for way to long. It only took about a year for the term 'digital cockpit' to die [don't ask]. Every time the department gets something done we get an email from the big boss dude and it says 'this was a BIG WIN for the department'. what exactly does that mean? who were we fighting anyway? the other department? Its high time we kill this saying. I post it here not for you to use, but for you to avoid. every time I hear it i think of The big L.

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palegreenhorse said...

i think that your boss is so sad that he isn't playing sports and so he has to extend sports to his business. i hate these expressions too. it says, "i am not imaginative enough or informed enough to say something meaningful about this accomplishment." lame.