Thursday, October 28, 2004


in todays staff meeting they gave out some awards. I couldn't belive it, I actually got some! (kev, don't read into that last line)

Awhile ago I told the boss 2 levels up that don't waste my time with an award that is valued at less than 1,000 dollars. its more papework than its worth, and if you really appreciate something I do then show that you REALLY appreciate it. I said that a few years ago, and until this year I didn't get anything.

earlier this year I got a 25$ certificate to best buy for helping find a fundamental design problem, and saved potentially hundreds of thousands of dolllars worth of damage in the field. ah yea... that was worth 25$ to the company.

The other day I helped one of my coworkers test something. his method took two days. I took a few hours and worked up a test that does it in a bout 3 seconds. that earned me ANOTHER 25$ gift card, this time to chilees (i think i'm gonna trade it for a homedepot card)

then my boss gives me ANOTHER award for some work I did on saving the company money. I saved the company around $20k. really pretty small, but they gave me an ward for $150 'night on the town'. now, you might ask, what is a night on the town? I'll give you my rough translation, but you can make the call for yourself. I think it is spend this money on some entertainment I wouldn't usually do and HOPE it qualifies for reimbursment, but you make the call

You are granted up to $150 to be used for a special event of your choosing. Reimbursable expnses may include dinner, entertainment, and expenses direclty related to the outing, such as childcare and othe rsimilar expenses. simply remit the receipts along wtih a copy of this memo to human resources for reimbursement. this award does not have to be used in a single evening, but you must submit all of your receipts at the same time to ensure proper reimbursement. expenses for durable goods (dvd players, grills, books, etc), services not related to the outing (car repairs, home improvements, etc.), bill and atm withdrawls.


palegreenhorse said...

hey look on the bright side, it looks like it can actually be used in reno instead of like those movie tickets which were good only for minden. like minden is that great =).

forkev said...

i got some too. and then i had to dig it out of my teeth. i hate those little sprinkle things on cookies...

what kind of gift comes with strings?! they spent more time telling you what you can't do with it, then what you can. tell them you got the certificate, but want to know why the 'gift' fell off the front of the compound word.

i'd buy some tickets to a fancy show and then scalp them at the door to turn a proffit and then make some home improvements. THAT sounds like a nite on the town everyone can enjoy (if you outrun the scalper cops)- and you'd even get a trip into home depot. (scalper cops won't run that far, is my bet)