Friday, October 29, 2004

knoppix rules

ok.. i'm just dinking around cause i got nothing better to do, so I put knoppix 3.3 in the dead laptop and fired it up. it connects to the net, and even connects to blogger and I didn't do anything! nothing to configure, nothing.

totaly remarkable. I love this, so next time windows goes down I don't have to reinstall it to fix it. i just throw in knoppix and i'm good to go.

i dl'd knoppix 3.6 the other night. i'll have to load that up and compare. but if its half as good as 3.3 i might jus have to throw my HD away and run off a cd cause it seems to do what need.


mari said...

what are you talking about...sounds like some kind of electronic arrest

k2h said...

its 'paddles' for a dead computer.... =)