Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I'm sure theres alot of things one could think up what THL means. like:

Totally Horendous Loss
Tom hugs lisa
Two Hours Lost
Thumble hitting loser

but what it really is is the ranking system. You see T is Top Talen, H is Highly valued, and L stands for LEP, least effective performer, or rather it did. I"ve heard that now it stands for LESS effective performer because LEAST was not politically correct.

how is calling someone a LOSER ever politically correct? gotta love this place.

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palegreenhorse said...

okay i was saving this comment because it has the potential to be so much fun. first of course calling someone less effective vs. least effective is stupid. both are demeaning.
next the fun part. my THL acronyms:
typical hour length
turtles hunt lemurs
targets hilly lumps
toaster heats leavening
tan hanging limply

lots more totally hungrily leaving my brain, but if i make my comment too long nobody will read it =).