Friday, October 22, 2004

Company Jeopardy

The other day we had a small quiz on company policy, if you filled it out you got a ticket for $5 in the lunch room. I actually did my quiz, most everyone else just copied off of others.

my $5 got me 1 personal pizza, 1 small bag of cheotos, 2 SOBE drinks (Fuerte and Courage). it came to $5.10, so I owed 10 cents.

now you'd think that since it took over 1/2 hour of work time to fill out the survey the company would just leave it at that, but no, in fine print at the bottom of the survey it said you could be called for the Jeopardy game on friday [today]. so, not wanting to waste even more time and get up and make a complete fool of myself I sat in ate breakfast in the break room instead of going to this game show thinggy. wouldn't you know it. i was the about the 10'th person to be called up. luckily they only had about 25% turnout. I got a big kick outa that. I told the guy eating breakfast with me that his name was probably coming up and as soon as I said it they read his name.

So we just sat in the cafe for a few more minutes watching it on TV.... very amusing.


Janell said...

Did they have prizes for the Jeopardy thing? I think you should have gone... wouldn't be the only person makeing a fool of your self and probably not the first time :).
But a good deal for your questionare thing I wouldn't mind taking a half hour for that kind of compensation. I have left over mac and cheese for lunch.

palegreenhorse said...

ya i agree with janell...should've gone if there was the chance at a prize. plus make you look good to boss. =)

mari said...

does anybody at work read these things???????

forkev said...

i'm up for free, and not being at my desk. i'd of gone.
i'd even of brought my food with me and kinda 'tipped' my pizza to the croud as I answered my question.