Thursday, October 21, 2004

my picture

One day we got an email from corporate. we were all to report to some odd conference room to get our picture taken for the online system. so I showed up and got my picture taken. then, a few days after the event we got an email that said it was just for MANAGEMENT because it cost to much money to take everyones picture and publish it online. welp.. to late. my picture was taken and i actually exist with a real head in the online who's who database. it is that picture that I have chosen to attach to the blog. if it uglies me out i'll remove it.

i'm so cheep I had to use a FREE hosting for my picture. i finally settled on we shall see how long the link lasts.

1 comment:

palegreenhorse said...

its so hideous!
hey management has got to have something to do, so they'll probably update their pictures every 6 months, don't you think?