Thursday, October 21, 2004

Plant ate my post, so I'm reposting. I Hope its as good as the origional one. if the origional one shows up you can compare for yourself. until then I'll recap.

It seems every engineer wants something green around. If you've been following my earlier posts you'll now my form of green appears to be algea [mold, thanks janell]. You may be surprised to learn that I also have a PLANT. yes, my very own plant. one of my coworkers has 11 potted plants in/on/and around his desk. including 2 empty pots. his desk looks more like somekinda zen sanctuary than the desk of an engineer. another coworker has i think 4 plants. he optained one from someone that strated 15 years ago [and then quit] so its rumored it is the oldes plant in the building. the only problem i have with his plant is that it does not keep to itself. it insists on crawling down MY SIDE of the cube wall. most of my coworkers have either NO Plants, or multiple plants. I fall right in the middle with a single loanly plant.

Don't be fooled, my plant actually has a history. Andy brought it in when he was here. Andy was a good guy. he got the bosses to sign up for letting him have EVERY friday off during the winter so he could go skiing. it wasn't until after he purchased his season pass that they revoked the request. I think it had something to do with the fact that even if he worked 4 10 hour days, he was still physicall absent on one day and someone would have to cover his responsbilities. so that made it more of a vacation type thing since he wasnt even coming in.. but anyway.. Andy quit to go to law school to be with his girlfriend. somewhere in seattle or something.

The plant was donated to Shawn. Shawn was a good guy. he was actually my manager for awhile and I enjoyed working with/under him. Shawn had some interesting history with the company.. in his time here [5-7 year?] he managed to quit the department several times but the bosses let him come back. well shawn got fed up and quit for the 3rd and most likely final time. I 'won' the raffel at the going away lunch for shawn and received the plant. Shawn made some kinda speach about how when you leave the plant, you have to leave the plant.

thus begins my life with my very own plant. The first thing I did was put Leave the PLANT plant on it. its own little plaque taped to the front of its pot. This has blessed me with multiple inquiries about what exactly that means. Most of my coworkers harass me and ask when i'll be quiting since I do have the cursed plant. I have voed to let it die before I leave.. and to my surprise no one has sabatoged it yet, despite the office hick threating to urinate [water] it for me.

The latest addition was a jack in the box head to one of the unopened frond leave things. its a palm looking plant about 3 foot high, 7 open leaves/limbs and 2 stems starting. a very nice looking subject if I do say so myself. I water it 1-2 times a month, whenever I run out of 'productive' things to do.

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palegreenhorse said...

hey can you scan your plant so we have a picture of it?
the poor abused plant.