Friday, October 29, 2004

nevada day / halloween

this friday is a waste of time. half of the company is gone for NEVADA day, the funny thing is we don't even get it off, so people took personal vacation to take it off. most likely because a spouse has it off or something

to compound the problem half of the remaining people are 'dressed up for halloween'. now if you know engineers and i think you do you'd know such a nerd would never bother him/herself with such a pointless endeavor. well, you are correct, but we have tons of assembly people that feel the need to dress up like various things. in less than 20 minutes I have seen the following
darth vador
women dressed up like suckers that ask people if they want a lick
purple head lady with a sign on the back that says SINGLE

this is going to be ONE POINTLESS DAY.


palegreenhorse said...

well that sounds better than a pointed friday.
okay the sucker thing is just wrong, the single??, and is darth vader wearing his mask while running board? that could be an interesting picture.
fortunately there are no students dressed up since it is a holiday here. but suk-wah was so happy to hear that i was coming in today anyway (scored some good brownie points there). i also had my students still have their lab notebooks due by noon today. many exclaimed, "but won't the building be closed?" i said of course not, chemistry people are always here. we are even here when the campus "closes" for several days over christmas to save money. ha! close!

k2h said...

as a follow up to this post. the work day has come and gone, and yeah.. I was right. maybe it was my attitude, but i didn't do ANYTHING all day, cept learn about knoppix cheat codes.

forkev said...

alodia says you people need real jobs where you have something to do.
i'm a big fan of making the most out of the work day - like cliking off a few more steps on my pedomoter so I can stencil it down for our health thingy and get money for my exercise (up to 350$ per person per year)

the licky costume is funny. alodia likes it too. maybe we'll wear a costume to church tomarrow and rival dig-my-underwear-outta-my-crack girl.