Friday, October 15, 2004

kittie puffer

The other night fempto [our black and white cat] was going CRAZY at the window. the blinds were closed and she was jumping up, crawling in the blinds and looking outside. she came out about twice the size she went in, and was BY FAR the puffiest I have ever seen her. I opened the front door and ran out to check out what was up. she is after all our only line of defence against attackers. halfway out the door I briefly rethought my actions since we do have a family of skunks that live under the back porch.. but hey.. if I get shot maybe i can use a few sick days to recover.

nope.. wasn't a skunk. instead one of the other neighborhood kitties. its really pretty, black with lots of white on the front half (maybe it fell in the milk). I'm not sure what it is about this little gem, but fempto sure loves/hates it. is there a way to tell the difference?

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palegreenhorse said...

hey it looks like we should pay attention to femto's tail shape and position
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