Friday, January 28, 2005

tropical island

One of my coworkers got a call at work the other day asking for someone that no longer works here. now this is a rare occurance because our internal phone system responds to voice commands, so if you say someones name it rings their desk. We all wondered how he could get a call meant for a long gone individual, so we picked up the phone, asked for the ex employee and low and behold it connected to his desk!. now not to be outdone we tried asking the employee, and he wasn't in the system. so the only way to get him, without knowing his extension is to ask for an ex employee.

well, the person that called him, or I should say the ex employee had an interesting proposal. the offer was extended to move to a tropical island and do manufacturing work. assurances were given over the phone that the current employee was happy with this position, and yes... the rest of his coworkers were as well.

once the conversation had ended we discussed what 'should have been done' as is often than case, and we have come to a joint agreement that if the caller calls again, we should get the offer faxed to the office, so we can post it for amusement.

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