Monday, January 03, 2005

Orange Juice

Jen got some walmart orange juice, and since I'm kinda on an anti-walmart kick right now let me explain to you just what my first impression was of this 'juice'.

I'm not sure what you think of when you think of orange juice refinement, but I think it goes something like they pick the oranges, put them in a juicer, juice em to death and then bottle the juice or freeze the concentrate. they then discard the pulp i'm sure. well if walmart juice were in this block diagram I would say that they don't throw away the pulp, instead they put it back through the juicer for 'round 2' and that is where walmart juice comes from... bitter, barely orange remnant that is technically juice, but tastes nothing like it. because that was too hard to draw a picture of I have drawn another to relay my sentiment.


Janell said...

My mom would enjoy your walmart bashing. She isn't happy with them, doesn't think their lower prices are really that low... Example - they had mini-bread pans pakage of three for $2.50. I requested them as a Christmas present - they had sold out so my mom wasn't able to get any for me. Well we were there the other day and they had them back in. The price was changed to $3.27. (I think I am remembering the price right I know they incresed it over 50 cents.) This sent my mom ranting about how they then could cut the price and still have a higher price before - if something is selling raise the price then cut it a little bit but overall you still have a price hike. So if you are around my mom and bad-mouth wal-mart she will probably agree with you :)

forkev said...

nice diagram.
probably fairly accurate, yet you have failed to capture reality.
I beleive cheep oj is made from the rind only. the 'orange meat' is resurved for higher paying customers.