Thursday, January 06, 2005

opamp signal generator

I need an easy way to drive a speaker for a tone so the headlights don't get left on. theres several methods but this one actually has a calculator! way to go Hyperphysics!


palegreenhorse said...

i love hyperphysics. it is one of the best information sources on the internet. i wish they had a hyperchem (oops wait that is the name of a piece of software for calculating chemistry stuff, but you get the idea).

lizzy said...

Hyperphysics! Boy, you really are a smarty! ;-)

(At least I understood your orange juice post) LOL!

palegreenhorse said...

ahhh... not that smart. more a product of the education system I would say. I didn't post this to say I was smart, it was more of a dropping off place so I have notes for when I try to build this.

my motivation level is such that it will probably take 5 weeks to build something that I could have just purchased at walmart for 5$ (see my thoughts on walmart in the other posts)

its not that complicated as it only takes 4 little pieces. think of them as legos. you hook them together and put a battery on it and it works. or rather most of the time doesnt. thats why I scour the net and find one that is more likely to work that something I thought up in 2 minutes.