Tuesday, January 04, 2005

failed projects

some guy, at some school, did some research on what makes software projects fail and it turns out inappropriate methodology (or technology) was the leading cause for failure. hmm... imagine that. just because something is more powerful (on paper) it may not be for what you are trying to do. I think all too often we feel the need to jump on new technology and we forget that we are throwing away decades of expertise on 'the old outdated system' but we really have a superior product. ok.. that was vague, but read the survey here. found this on slashdog.org

they even have a little worksheet to see if your project will fail or not

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forkev said...

now i have some objective (ok, maybe it's really subjective) analysis for some future projects in the works.
i'll have to keep an eye on this so i can reference it at an oportune time in a meeting.