Monday, January 17, 2005

Mystery Trip Revealed

The mystery event? I showed up before 7:30 (when I usually start after 8am) just to make sure I was here will in time for the 'mystery event'. We were suppose to wait at our desks (or respective areas) until our section was called over the inhouse PA system, but that system seemed to be a bunch of crap. We were to report to our designated fire drill area outside, but again, that was a bunch of crap. When I got to the department I let everyone know a school bus was parked in our fire drill area so without waitin for the announcement over the PA we packed up and headed out. we tried to board the bus in our area but leadership personell directed us to the bus at the front of the line.

I came to the conclusion that a 3rd grades legs are much shorter than mine by the following. I sat down, legs wedged on the seet in front of me. the guy in front of me did the same thing, the guy behind me did the same. is what you effectivly get is a WEDGE through all the seats. its a wonder any of us got out.

The bus driver was amused that we did not know our destination, but seconds from pulling out we learned the destination of the outing. The local theater had been rented, and we all got a choice of the currently showing films. Upon arriving at the theater we were given complimentary drinks and candy. that was all that provided, so of course everyone is buying popcorn for 4$ a pop (no pun intended) because no one had breakfast and were hungry. I thought that was pretty funny but just proceeded to eat my candy and drink my soda in a weak attempted to stave off starvation.

We arrived before 8am at the theater. the theater is literally 3 miles from the our building. the shows were scheduled to start at 8:45 so we all sat in a VERY overly warmed theater watching those extremely lame slides of advertisement and movie trivia.

Heres my corporate sponsored trip, personal review of the film Flying Daggers
Yahoo review review

*AWESOME cinemetrogaphy, which is one of the main reasons to see this type of film
*Excessive (but not extreme) use of the color green. That alone will make a certain someone I know want to see it.
*Top notch corriographed fight scenes including the use of bamboo, swords, spears, bow and arrow (very well done), and daggers (duh)
*over the top love interest, almost turns this into a chick flick.

things to note:
*characters NAMEs may be shortened in the subtitle but its still fun to listen for the name onscreen.
*a sword is not a sword, but a machete
*film includes more than a tripple cross
*you can still fight very effectivly with a dagger in your back
*when both genders have long hair and all that is shown in a love scene is 'backs' its very hard to determine who is who.
*weather change can be instantaneous
*The sound for the movie was done in toykyo, but this is a chinese film.

In summary, one awesome film that I will actually consider purchasing on DVD when it becomes available. This in and of itself may not seem impressive, but it will seem more impressive when you learn that I have less than 3 DVDs that I own. Flying Daggers is a bit qwirky at times but that alone will not keep me from using the phrase 'totally awesome' with full confidence to describe it.


palegreenhorse said...

ahhh green... i like green. and good cinamatography too. what kind of candy did you get? hot tamales?

k2h said...

i got some kinda chocolate junk. they didn't have any good candy. no gummy worms, no hot tamallies, just different kind of chocolate. it was the 2$ box variety, and about 4 oz. of some kinda super sweet crap. I only ate 1/3 of the box and threw the rest away. I wouldn't wish that kind of torture on anyone!

Janell said...

You threw candy away? I'm horrified.

Your comments on things to note - knife in back, and not knowing who is who... very funny

Weather change - drastic? It can change pretty fast in some places......

forkev said...

mabe the 'weather' is another tool to discuss mood; (or establish a motif) and since moods can change fast it makes it 'ok' under the artful eye of the director.