Friday, January 07, 2005

LOTR Monopoly

so one of jens aunts sent us lord of the rings edition of monopoly! YEAH! I thought jen hated monopoly but she doesn't.. (somehow that communication got scrampled). the LOTR edition actually came with a ring and it plays into the game a little, so that should be fun.

The ring starts on the equivelent of Baltic avenue. I think thats what the first spot is called on the traditional board. I dont' have a the first generation game so I can't compare. the properties are all named after lord of the ring stuff... anyway, the ring starts there. if someone lands where the ring is they get the property for free if it is not already purchased. the "1" position on one of the DICE is replaced with an EYE, if you role this it counts as a one when you count up the die, but the ring moves to the next property.

when the ring reaches equiv of boardwalk the game is over and you count cash/holdings. that should be interesting. we were talking about the rules and did you guys know that in WAY OLD official rules you could actually build without having a monopoly? jen wouldn't believe this but one year when we were at her dads house he pulled out an ANCIENT set of monopoly, half the stuff was missing but he still had the rules that said monopoly not necessary to build. so I guess even if you play with official rules your stuck at an impass as to which 'year' of official rules to use! =)

on a side note, the ring included with the game the exact same size as my wedding band, and a bit more attractive too. i'm thinking wearing the lord of the rings piece in place of the band and see if anyone notices. do people look that close at rings? i'm not sure that I would notice if someone else did it. would you?

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forkev said...

very funny about lotr wedding band. i'd not notice.
i like the disovery of the ambiguity of monopoply rules based on year.