Friday, January 07, 2005

Hankook Snow Tires

I dunno what it is, maybe its all the snow that has me stuck on tires, but I'll give you all a rundown on the tires I have on the GOLF. they are Hankook Zovac HP W401 Tires. I've looked all over for a review of them but was able to find very little. I did read some user reviews on but it was kind of mixed. besides the fact that the studs are LOUD i can't find a single thing wrong with them. they even have the little snow symbol on the sidewall which means they were actually tested and pass the highest rating for traction.

that made me happy. I think I payed close to 500$ total. This included a new [winter] set of rims, 70$ per tire, 10$ per tire to put the studs in, new hubcaps, and road hazard warrenty. at the time it was the ONLY tire I could find that fit my car that took Studs. I went to at least 3 tire stores, but ended up buying everything from a little ma/pop tire shop that has since changed hands so my warrenty is probably no good. I read some at and was glad to see that most everything I have learned about snow tires was confirmed by an [ex?] rally racer.
*no matter what kind of car you have you need good tires to STOP
*best tires always go on the rear
*bad tires on front make you understear (preferred)
*bad tires on rear make you overstear (as in spin/slide out = BAD)
*buy 4 snow tires at a time
*some states don't allow studded snow tires
*get a snow tire with the winter snowflake thing
*all season tires are not snow tires
*once a studable snow tire has been driven without studs you can no longer put studs in. so if you want studs, make sure they are installed when you purchase the tire!

my car has over 25,000 miles on these tires (with studs) and I still have very good tread. and when I put the tires on this season (3rd season) I didn't notice any missing studs.

My thinking is when the tires start to lose the studs i'll remove the studs and finish them off as summer/allseason tires

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