Friday, January 28, 2005


This week has been very foggy, and during my commute to and from work it has not been uncommon to not really be able to see where I am going because the fog is so thick. This morning was a welcomed exception to the precidence set by the earlier days of the week and I enjoyed an unrestricted view of the landscape on my way. Traveling at about 75mph I was passed by a blue toyota truck. you know the type, not quite full size, but not a minuture truck either. there were 3 full size men packed into the bench seat, tho the law in this particular case should have probably only allowed two. as they pulled around to pass the truck slowed to match my speed and began honking. I looked over to see a centerfold of a woman in more than a comprimized position plastered against the passenger window for me to see. Of all the days that needed dense fog, this had to be the one.

Whats the weirdest stuff you guys have seen in passing cars?


palegreenhorse said...

wow, that can't be legal to show pics like that in a vehicle.... i hope they flash an unmarked police car. =).

forkev said...

I passed a pickup much as you descrive 2 years ago that had a pumpkin that BARLEY fit in the back of it.
I honked at him and gave him the thumbs up.

Janell said...

I may forget some things or not completely recall all the info so what follows may not be the whole truth but it is what I remember. Alodia, my roommate Sara and I were on our way to Portland one weekend - I was driving... we passed a van and it passed us and slowed down passing it the second time it tried to keep up and guys showed a drawing in the window with a note that said "Do you like our drawing?" the drawing was of a naked lady - as far as I know... I couldn't see it that well... I was to busy driving and trying to get away from the freaky guys... but was amusing none the less.

k2h said...

re: kev,
thats one small pickup. probably much like the one that passed me with 3 guys smashed in it.

re: janell
did it have their phone number on it? what better way to impress a girl than to reveal your lack of understanding of the female body, those guys really were stupid.

~ AH ~ said...

ah Janell! I remember that! yeah, something along those lines. Seems like we kept passing them, they kept passing us, and finally we saw the picture. They were retardos. But it did make us laugh :)