Thursday, January 13, 2005

mystery outing

at work, we are all requested to be at work between 7:30 and 8:05 (why :05?) on monday as the 'planning committe' has planned a mystery event. this is literally all I know.

* business attire
* no physicall activity
* we ride school busses
* we will return at noon
* It will be fun
* It will be really fun
* did I mention it will be fun?

THAT, in a nutshell is what the email said. the following are rumors as to what will commence:

* as our busses leave the plant on monday morning, we will be passed by busses going back to the plant full of chinese people

* the busses will drop us out in the snow 10 miles out and make us walk back

* a movie

* a show

Those are some pretty lame predictions (with the exception of being replaced by Chinese) so I came up with my own prediction. I think they will buss us to the local movie theater where we will screen a movie/TV episode for a different division of the company. heres my thought process... they will be officially entertaining us, but in great corporate america fashion will really be exploiting us at the same time. If such a thing happens I imagine we will have to fill out some 'how was it' survey so they know how to market it or wether the show primer should air. what do you guys think i'll be doing monday morning? oh yeah.. our plant has about 800 people. broken up between day shift and swing shift. we are comprised of about 1/3 executive, management, desk jokeys, phone people, engineers... and probably 2/3 production personell.


mari said...

it couldn't possibly have anything to to do with mlkjr holiday. of course not.

lizzy said...

Oh, I love mysteries.

Let's see... maybe you're going to be wisked away to a fabulous dream vacation (lasting only half a day, of course), or maybe you'll be forced to compete in some sort of survival-of-the-mental-fittest game, or maybe (worst case scenario) you'll be subjected to a "there's no 'i' in team" workshop.

I can't wait to hear what happened!

palegreenhorse said...

i also think it is going to be some "there is no 'i' in team" thing. even though that would definately not qualify as fun. (btw there is also no 'we' in team... mmmm)

k2h said...

one final update.. today is friday, the last workday before 'the big surprise' so I went around trying to get a feel for the general considerations of my peers.

*nobody knows anything, and the few that do arn't talking

hmm... very suspicious. I learned that one of the biggest things of contention was 'what does casual business attire mean'? some think jeans and button shirt. some thing sweatshirt is ok. some thing golf attire, many like myself really don't care, BUT this does bring out one more possibility for monday. maybe we will be filmed? TV commercial, plant commercial. something? that is a scary thought and maybe reason to rethink what business attire is!

k2h said...

re: mari
as far as having something to do with the holiday we did spend precious work time debating that idea. we finally came to the conclusion that because it said WORK ATTIRE and NO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY in the email that we would probalby rule out community service through the work sponsored chapter. until we used this logic we were pretty sure we would be cleaning the elementary schools (who were on vacation) as our 'fun' activity.