Tuesday, April 19, 2005

wine - dine -sixty.....

I'm in houston to see a supplier, and a customer. got in mid-day monday and spent the remainder of the day at the supplier. I didn't eat breakfast, I didn't have time to grab lunch, so you can imagine that by the end of the day (7pm) I was pretty starving. well woulnd't you know, this specific place in houston does NOT have any good food. I drove 10 miles in every direction. there stores, residential, business's, your normal mix of city and what not, but there are NO restraunts. its the most pitiful thing I have ever seen. I'm a guy with a company credit card looking to get some FOOD (40-60$ meal) and theres no place to go.

I was very distressed, and it was in tears I pulled into a little ceasers pizza place and ordered a plane cheese pizza (already made). I was too hungry to wait for one with toppings. and woulnd't you know it, NO CRAZY BREAD. they said I could get in line and wait but there were already 6 people waiting for the next batch so I stood little to no chance of getting any, so I took my 6$ large pizza and headed back to the hotel.

now thats just one sad story, I can assure you.

combine that with the fact that the hotels 'fancy hot meal' consists of some random meat the looks like turds.

again, at the end of the day I'm still in the same area. and I know whats in 10 miles each direction, and theres NOTHING (save one gentlemans club that serves steak but jen would kill me, so I had to rule that one out.)

ahh.. the power of the internet. at the hotel on the wireless G network I pulled up maps.google.com look at an area, sub search for mexican and WALLA..... address and directions to a hole in the wall place to eat. 1.8 miles down the street that I NEVER would have found. food was 6 out of 10 (compare that with twinsburg oh's 3 out of 10 raiting). not great, but definatly edible. the entire meal was a measly 7$ so I left a 10$ tip. it was some girl working tables, and I think it was just her mom in the kitchen cooking. if the company gives me crap about the tip I'll pay it. they were nice people and deserved it.

This nock off almost chain hotel uses wireless G networking. the fact it is G is really irrelevant, I just mention it because its the first commercial use of G that I have seen. everyone is still stuck on B. heres the interesting thing. there was no WEP which means next time you need to look something up and need to find a hotspot, just park at a hotel in the parking lot and see if you can get on the net. I know.. seems simple enough.. I just never thought of it. so next time you think of it you'll know you didn't think of it, I did, and your regurgitating info that I thought of first =)

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Janell said...

I have a feeling I will use your bit of advice of using a hotel for a hotspot. I have an uncanny ability to get lost in Cities (like Portland and Seattle) and since I am planning on going to visit Seattle area and job hunt I will have you to thank for any info I should need and find :).