Saturday, April 23, 2005

ohio #3

on sunday I leave for ohio for the third and hopefully near final trip to the smoldering armpit of what many call the east. I'm a fan of the mid west, the west, and the far west. I'm sure some of you are going to correct me and say thats not far enough east to be considered east, but let me tell you. coming from the west coast, THATS EAST. to east for me.

given the opportunity, I'd rather relocate to texas than ohio. I had this conversation with jen that kinda got me in some troulbe. I relayed to her that there wern't as many ugly people in texas, (and by extension) more 'pretty' people. I had heard from an x-coworker that houston, and phoenix were both high on the 'pretty people' scale, and I Thought it was a bunch of crap until I was actually in houston to witness. yeah.. alot of normal people, but on average I think more of the women survive on slimfast or nothing at all than in other areas of the US, (such as the yucky east coast)

OK.. OK... I"ve stepped on more than enuf toes I'm sure, and with my luck i'll be moving to the east coast before I die, so I"ll just quit now.

oh yeah.. the point of it all. I'm leaving for ohio on sunday, returning thurs night. this weekend I was able to completely cut the end of the shed off and make two swinging door, and a 6foot wide ramp to drive the motorcycles right into it! yeah.. it looks like it was designed and constructed by an electrical engineer, but I'm proud of it. so proud in fact i'll post some pics when I get a chance. 8x16 foot of wonderous SHED. legal limit is 120 sqft, so i'll let you do the math and determine my punishement.

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