Tuesday, April 19, 2005

short enuf?

I got a nice little story to tell the lot-o-ya.. I just now got a sec to type it up.

so if you read bellow, you will see that I did indeed travel through the las vegas airport. ahh... las vegas, the town of the new motto "what happens in vegas stays in vegas". what else could someone possibly say about a place like that? well I gotta little story that I'm sure at least half of you will say it should have stayed in vegas instead of ending up on da blog.

My fellow potential passengers and I were sitting in the staging area, waiting for some capsule of flying terror to land and let us trade places with those onboard. the plane landed, and began to expel passengers up the jetway and into the terminal. not having anything better to do at 11:30 at night I kept glancing at those leaving the plane, more of something to do keep me awake instead of looking for anything in particular.

then it happened.

two girls/women (whats the difference anyway?) exited the plane and walked to the main area of the airport. a hush fell over the area and I kid you not, everyones mouths were open. These two girls, with high heals and not much else, exited the plane like they were on some european catwalk just eating up the gazes. they both wore the tightest and SHORTEST shorts I have ever seen. you know how some bathing suits fit in a wallet without much trouble? you could have fit the entire wardrobe of BOTH women in a wallet with room for change to spare.

after they left the area some random person shouted out "where those shorts or underwear?!!!" and the more I think about it (I haven't given it THAT much thought) I would have to agree. definatly underwear. so that begs the statement "no shirt, no shoes, no service". in this case, pants were not required.

do you ladys think there should be a dress code for being in public or is partial nudity allowed?

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palegreenhorse said...

it is easy to classify shorts at an sda school... however in real life almost all womens shorts sold are the length of an inch worm. and since men like it...probably not going to change. i guess some states have tried to legislate things like not showing your butt crack. i don't think it passed, but i could be wrong.