Tuesday, April 05, 2005

mepis 3.3

I dunno if you guys have ever heard of a linux live cd, but basically its a linux distribution that you can boot and run off of a cd. they basically pack 2 gig worth of data onto a 700mb cdrom and then boot it and decompress and run it at the same time. it doesn't do anything to your hard drive... so no worrys about screwing up the corporate laptop.

heres the kicker. before I left for the trip I downloaded mepis 3.3 and burned the bootable cd. I used it to make a birthday computer for one of the juniors at church (pentiumIII,600mhz, 192mbram, 10gig hd, CRAPPY 8meg video, no sound cuase i couldn't get the drivers to work. my old 200$ 15" trinitron monitor)

so here I sit. in the condo, wondering if mepis will run on the company laptop. and sure enough it does! it actually runs BETTER than win2000. it found my wireless card in 1/2 the time and the connection 'feels' about 10 times as fast to the net. so i'm impressed. very impressed.. now if I can just figure out how to do the secureID connection (with nortel network client?) to the corporate system I'd be set. well.. I'd need something that was 100% compatible with the ms-exchange email system but who knows.. maybe thats on here to.


forkev said...

the corporate exchange server will probably not have an open source client that is fully compatible.
you'll sacrifice your calander and stuff - even through imap i think.

k2h said...

man.. that totally sux. I need an open source client!

I can access it over the web (the exchange server) but i'm having trouble with doing things as simple as replying to messages. mozilla supresses popups and I thought you couild hold SHIFT whne you clicked on something and it woulnd't suppress the popup and that seems to work to pop a message up, but when I click the reply button, wheater I hold shift or not it kills the entire window and I can't reply! totally sux... i'll figure it out...

palegreenhorse said...

i think it is control not shift.
and you can turn off pop-ups for everything... sometimes easier.