Tuesday, April 19, 2005

cruise in time

jen (my wife) and I scheduled a cruise for the end of may. my twin and his wife will actually join us so it should be a TON of fun. after all this corporate travel I figured I needed to SCHEDULE time away from the plant/company so they couldn't milk me for more than they were paying me.

today I got an email for huge week long project that got rescheduled for the end of may. I was suppose to be part of it at the beginning of april but since all of this travel requirements came up it got rescheduled. as soon as I booked the cruise, I let my boss know I would be gone at the end of may, so its not like I'm ditching requirements. so you guessed it, they rebooked this super big project thing for the last week in May.

Ahhhhhhhh.............. big sigh of relief. I got out of that legit. I'm so happy! screw the fact its going to go on my review I missed it, I scheduled my vacation 2 months in advance and i'm TAKING IT!

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palegreenhorse said...

just got some documents from the cruise line too. i'm really looking forward to it too!