Tuesday, April 26, 2005

scientific papers.

someone at the office said I should wait for them in their office and they'd come by and talk with me. I waited for about 10 minutes. after I got done going through all of their useless crap I went into the hallway by the cube and started going through the bookshelf. this place has all kinds of interesting books, located throughout the building. as far as I can tell the people that work here think they are for decoration. last time I was here I read one on nuclear weapons. a small pamplet written from the japanese perspective. really interesting. this time I grabbed a book.

How to write and publish a scientific paper, by Rober A. Day. second edition, 1983.

in the back, they have a list of 'words and expressions to avoid'. on page 169 (near the end of the book) it has a little quote.

Sermons on brevity and chastity are about equally effective. Verbal promiscuity flows from poverty of language and obesity of thought, and from unseemly haste to reach print-- a premature ejaculation, as it were.
-Eli Chernin

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palegreenhorse said...

what a great quote!
i'll have to post that at work =).