Saturday, April 23, 2005

'93 xr650L

as some of you may or may not know, in my spare time I peddle (inside term that means: to push slowly).. I peddly my bike around, on and mostly off road. yesterday I had a quick run to homedepot to get more hardware for the shed project and while hanging a left hand turn some guys almost took me out.

the thing that makes me totally peeved is even AFTER he saw that I was turning he continued to attempt to pull in front of me and block me (I was pulling into where he was pulling out). I pretty much had no where to go so I Just road up over the sidewalk and kept going. what a loser. for all you non riders out there, please give us a break. just because we look underpowered doesn't mean we don't crunch when you run us over. I know some bikers deserve being run over but the vast majority of us do not.

heres what I usually look like while riding. its not, me, or my bike, but some guy that found himself in a similar situation.

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