Wednesday, April 13, 2005

home away from home

yesterday the lady showed up to clean the apartment/condo thing. she cleaned absolutly EVERYTHING and i'm pretty sure she made my bed (which I havne't made in a week) with new sheets. she left a nice little note about how she called in the two broken faucet handles, which we had called in twice before and were not fixed, but she got them fixed.

i'm not sure how much these 3 bedroom 2 bath condos are, but i'm guessing around $2-3k a month. I still felt like leaving a tip for the lady, and I probalby would if I were here next time shes here (once a week?) but alas.. I get to go home tomarrow! oh yeah.. she even did our dishes and took out the trash. finally got a 3rd roomate last nite. I've done work with him before. he played the TV in the master sweet a long time and since he came from 3 timezones away I think he was up till about 1am getting aclamated. sucked for me. but I already told super boss dude I aint going in early. I gave my car keys to the other animal I work with and he went in at 6. i'm catching a ride with boss dude at 8.

for dinner last night we went to a crappy little mexican place. I use the term mexican loosely because anyone with a freezer and microwave could give this place a serious run for their money. the parking lot was packed so I had high hopes that my initial raiting (3 weeks ago) of a 3 out of 10 was a fluke. after dining or should I say surviving.. the 3 of us still agreed that the raiting of 3 out of 10 was fair. in death I think the raiting should always be reduced to a 2, so that gives you some idea of our raiting system.

going home.. going home... I can't wait. out of the last 6 weeks I will have been away from home/"normal work" for 4 weeks. I talked with one guy who has only seen his family for 3 days in the last month. thats screwed up. its one thing if you want that kind of life but a totally different thing if thats your job and thats what you get.

the rest of you blogging guys need to keep posting stuff! i'm outa my gourd here, going crazy and I need your posts on nerdy tails of stupid stuff to make the day worth something!


Sarah said...

Here's something fun for you: Pig Olympics! Check out the slideshow.

Sarah said...

Something a little more serious: an interesting analysis of The Passion of the Christ by one of my favorite authors.