Monday, December 20, 2004

super defense

defense may be a great thing in football, but it has no place in the office. I'm sick of this coorelation that the 'bosses' always draw to working as a TEAM. arg..... the whole thing is irritating.

today I was working a problem. I exhausted about 3 hours of troubleshooting something by myself and couldn't figure it out so I went to the guy that built it. I explained what my problem was and that I was stumped. the first thing He said was
"mr so and so, and you, and this other guy ALL gave me input to this board so if its not working its your fault"

now I'm thinking "oh really?" but instead of provoking him I Just try to calm him down and get one useful piece of information out of him. about that time a guy from across the cube throws some witty remark at him and it just sets him off again (mr sensative.. no wonder he's not married). great.. just great. its like working with the worlds oldest cry-baby.

finally I just left. after a few minutes he came over to talk with me. it was his way of 'making up' i'm sure but I had already determined he didn't have any useful information so I really didn't want him around. its not that I harbor any ill-will against him, its just when your trying to get something to work bystanders are either part of the problem or part of the solution. he was a whiny by-stander, and one that wanted to 'learn'. great.. just great. and He's Senior Engineer? I hope I'm NEVER blessed with that title.

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forkev said...

it's very possible you move up in life by several simple rules.
knowing who to blame.
knowing when to speak.
knowing when to keep quiet.
honestly, i think if i never told anyone what I did, they'd never know AND assume the best.