Friday, December 03, 2004

no speakers

speakers should be outlawed in a 'work' environment, that is if they want me to get any 'work' done. my last cube mate would play songs each and every day. its really hard to concentrate when someone else is playing THEIR music to the world. If i'm not mistaken thats why they invented the head phones. for PRIVATE enjoyment.

on that note another coworker only listens to ONE song one last breath. he listens to it on his SPEAKERS about once every two months. cranks it up for the first half of the song and then turns it back down. I've gotta say, listening to one decent song every 2 months on speakers is much more enjoyable to having a cube try his hand at mixing each and every day.

since one last breath is a little depressing it gives great insight into his mood. usually he plays it when a project is due.. or when its friday. I'd think its more of a monday song but maybe thats just me.


palegreenhorse said...

i'm not too fond of speakers either... convenient if you like what is being played but beyond annoying if not.
the guy that played music in the lab left... so it is nice and quiet now. =)

forkev said...

i like speakers, but feel they are inappropriate ina work environment if they are not in headphones, or in a phone. beyond that, ti's bad.

Therefore, instead of putting my phone on do not dusturb, i just turn the audio up a bitmore in my fancy headphones and tune out the ringing phone. maybe they'll stop calling. either way, i get more work done. they've always got the option to write me an email or leave a voice message (which comes to my email) so i'm happy. it's more effecient.

k2h said...

who made your voicemail -> email system?

forkev said...

panasonic, but i think we use faxsys software to retrieve it and pipe it into the exchange email server.
a pretty heft integration: we can delete our email and it'll remove the corrosponding voicemail.
or, we can log into the phone, listen to the voicemail, remove it, and it'll remove the corrosponding email.

Janell said...

Jen you don't like music in the lab? I think I would have gone crazy last year with out it. Although at times I would enjoy the quite. But as far as trying to work with someone else's music playing - not good.