Thursday, December 02, 2004

stupid nerds

I work with stupid nerds. I Posted this outside my cube and people keep coming back because they can't figure it out.


forkev said...

i must fall into the stupid nerd catagroy as i'm still looking at it with glassy eyes.

gunzz said...

haven't seen any recent comments about the NE64 demo board....have you done much with it? like the chip? need more info, etc? let me know of any progress or better yet, blog about it. thanks.

k2h said...

re: gunzz
I like the chip, love the demo box but have had 0 time to play with it. I haven't even finished installing the software.. vacation, work, work, and ohh.. did I mention work? =)

palegreenhorse said...

you can do it kev... i do remember you making it through calc one at least!

k2h said...

kev: force = mass x acceleration
mass = force / acceleration

this is an algebraic rearrangement. you should have learned that in ohh... 6'th grade?