Thursday, December 16, 2004


I'm in good shape. I climb mountains, cut firewood, ride my motorcycle (dirt bike) and even manage to make it on a stupid peddle bike on thanksgiving trips and so this came as somewhat of a shock.

I got a free colesterol check from my works heath clinic because my twin was diagnosed with a tad high cholesterol so in the off chance I had beaten nature I decided to get mine tested as well. nope. I didn't win.

The HDL is alright, but can stand to be improved, nurse said I need more exercise, so I will most likely start workig out over lunch or whenever I get sick of doing my normal job (we have an onsight gym where I work)

the LDL (bad cholesteral) can be improved by diet. i'm vegetarian for the most part (1 burger every 2 weeks... MAYBe....) so all I can do is improve my consumption of walnuts, and flaxseed oil so that My omega3 is improved. probably should cut out some cheese. thats animal product so contains bad cholesteral.


Janell said...

Eat oatmeal and cheerio’s :) ooo and use heart smart margarine (thinks that's what it's called it's what my dad uses.)
Bet you could get lots of 'advice' from lots of people so thought I'd share mine mostly learned from tv commercials.

forkev said...

thought you could beat nature - HAH.
at least yours is better then mine by a few points - i think mine was up around 138.
i may be fat on the inside, but i'm still pretty hot looking on the outside.

palegreenhorse said...

i ran into my cholesterol screening from last year (while i was looking for a recipe interestingly). and at least it proves that we aren't eating totally horribly. my cholesterol total: 182 mg/dL
hdl: 58.5 mg/dL ldl: 96 mg/dL

k2h said...

re: kev
"fat on the inside... hot on the outside"

THAT has got to be the best kev quote I've ever had the pleasure to plagurize. that one is gold. guard it!

k2h said...

I have received a few compliments on the graph. one common question, did I scan it? no, I made it in the excel equivelant in OOO (open and was going to publish to PDF (included for free in OOO) and then pull the graphic out but I went cheap and just hit PRSC (print screen), pasted it in Pbrush, cropped and saved. I then updloaded to imageshack for free(a link to it is on the bottom right of my blogger toolbar)