Thursday, December 09, 2004

Its the End.....

Sing with me now.. "its the end of the world as we know it......" If I do nothing else I hope I get that tune stuck in your head. its the least I can do for this you as we are all stuck in this pitiful day we call THURSDAY.

Its the END of the IBM PC! wow.. its been what, 25 years? and billions of dollars spent cloning and improving the architecture and big blue SELLS out! to CHINA no less. That was a no brainer... how fitting they do this as all of the news has already been looking at 'outsourcing to china' and I can't say I blame em.

Lenovo is the lucky recipiant and its nice to read that IBM is reportedly doing the its best to transisition the technology and personal in a manner that will disrupt as few lives in both companies. that maintains my view that IBM is indeed a good company.

Hurahhh!!! now instead of the clone wars (not star wars either) we'll have xChina nock off instead of ibm pc COMPATIBLE.

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forkev said...

maybe it'll lower the price. i'm up for that. a 175$ comptuer with monitor and software!
think what we could do if we actually had the hardwear for our private school early to facilite learning.

maybe i'll buy a bunch of celerons (old dells for 35$ a box) off ebay, install knoppix to persist from the hd, and donate it to the local school as an internet browser and distributed file server :) (think super network shares cluster/raid)
then i'd feel better about myself.