Thursday, December 09, 2004

ever wanted some artificial intelegence (one that can spell) guess what your thinking? then head on over to and give it a go.

maybe its because the game is sensored, but it was unable to get what I was thinking of (a booger) after 30 questions, so I 'won'. heres the censorship info:

The Game is censored. The moderators assign a censorship level to assign to each new object and question. The Game will not choose questions or guessing objects above the player's current censorship level.

If you are playing as anonymous, the game will be G rated (suitable for all audiences). If you become a member, you may change your rating level from the options page.

its guesses for what I was thinking (booger)
I am guessing that it is a breath mint?
Yes , No , Close
29. I guess that it is a cough drop? No.
28. Does it contain Vitamin C? Irrelevant.
27. Could it be found in a classroom? Yes.
26. I guess that it is chewing gum? No.
25. Would you use it in the dark? Yes.
24. Would you find it in an office? Yes.
23. Is it a common household object? Yes.
22. Can it be dried? Yes.
21. Can you control it? Irrelevant.
20. I guess that it is a stick of gum? No.
19. Is it straight? Sometimes.
18. Can it affect you (cause an effect to you)? Yes.
17. Do you chew it? Yes.
16. Is it smaller than a golf ball? Yes.
15. Can you put something into it? No.
14. Is it multicolored? No.
13. Can you eat it? Yes.
12. Do you use it in cooking? No.
11. Is it a synthetic material? No.
10. Can it be used more than once? No.
9. Do you use it at work? Probably.
8. Is it soft? Yes.
7. Is it man made? Yes.
6. Does it have a hole in it? No.
5. Does it get wet? Yes.
4. Is it a tool? No.
3. Can you get information by using it? No.
2. Is it larger than a microwave oven (or bread box)? No.
1. It is classified as Other.


forkev said...

the only thing about that experience was the word 'intelegence'.
it asked me a bunch of seemingly random questions and had equally confusing guesses only to allow me to win with 'a snowman'.
maybe it needs some work.

palegreenhorse said...

hey it got eggplant, although it claimed, "Is it normally planted in gardens? You said No, I say Yes"

palegreenhorse said...

okay it suckered me into playing another time and i chose water
we disagreed about water
Can it cheer you up? You said Yes, I say Doubtful.
Is it worth a lot of money? You said Yes, I say No.
Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Is it smaller than a golf ball? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Is it multicolored? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Is it made in many different styles? You said Yes, I say No.
Is it very, very expensive? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Could you send it in the mail? You said Sometimes, I say No.
Is it man made? You said Sometimes, I say No.

k2h said...

i think it is important to 'think' like a normal stupid american... after all it has been taught by morons so if you answer a question correctly just think about how many people may have played this game and not known the truth, so I don't fault this poor computer for trying to learn. the moral is that smart nerdy people need to play MORE to teach it reality!