Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Big news! I'm going to enroll in an MBA (master of business) program. if I'm lucky i'll be done after 3 years of night school. check out the GMAT overview, a stupid test I have to take as part of my application.

You begin the GMAT® with the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). The AWA consists of two separate writing tasks—Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument. You are allowed 30 minutes to complete each one.

Now someone correct me if i'm wrong, but this just sounds like the kinda BS kev was born to answer. I hope I do as good as I think kev would do on this, and I really hope they let me use a computer/keyboard to 'write' as I can't even read my own writing.


Sarah said...

Yay you! I swear, I really am going to be the uneducated hick of the bunch with all y'all getting masters and phds and whatnot. I'm sure Kev would do great--perhaps you should have him sit in for you? Out of all the people who could try that, I think you'd have a great shot. :)

forkev said...

i too do not to so well with handwritten tasks - and i grow ever weary of people asking questions they think they know my response too.
example: "kevin, do you have time to help me?"
me: "no."
other person leaves upset.

why ask the questions unless your preparted for my answer? I view this task that keith must undertake in a similarl light. they are asking my opinion and rationalization process, not for the 'right' answer. if it were a 'right' answer it could be objectivly graded, not subjectedbly graded. therefore, i should be able to have a bulleted list that reminds me of dan's proofs to answer it instead of a long winded essay that fills up 2 blue books for an 'a' or 1 blue book for a 'b1'.

QUANTITY is not quality, yet school taught me different if i wanted a grade. I argued bitterly agaisnt this and gave in in the end.

forkev said...

watson and crick got the nobel price for the idea of the double helix with less then 1 page of writing (at least that is what knob told me as a sophomore). this means i should at least be able to get through a week without having to cook up some space filler.
closer inspections seems they were more long winded and there was a 3rd party in the mix.

palegreenhorse said...

actually four people were involved. rosalind franklin died and thus could not have recieved the nobel prize for her work. i suppose the information that they had could be summarized by one page of data, esp now.

but as for quantity vs. quality in school it depends. personally i mark off point or so when my students are too verbose. when i was taking an english lit. class at walla walla i got an a on a test where we had to write a couple of essays and answer some mult. choice questions (as i recall). by the time i got to the second essay i didn't feel like writting a whole lot so i decided to write my openening paragraph and my conclusion only. then for the body of the essay i just wrote my topic sentence and underneath but my supporting facts in a bulleted list. so that was way concise and i still did fine.