Tuesday, December 21, 2004

out of office

heres the note I am putting on my monitor.....

I [keith] am out of office (think vacation) starting Wednesday Dec22 and will be returning MidMorning Wednesday Dec29

person1 is my alternate on Wednesday, Monday, and Tuesday, so if you need something turn around and say Hi.

If you have an ICT problem talk with person1, person2, or person3
If you have a board test problem talk with just about anyone that’s left in the department.
If you have a new product development issue talk with person2 or person4
If you have a donation for me, leave it on the desk
If you are here to steal something ,you can leave now.
If you are NOT having a merry Christmas feel free to steal something off my desk
If you ARE having a merry Christmas steal me something from someone else’s desk.
[end if]
Merry Christmas!


palegreenhorse said...

makes me laugh!

forkev said...

when i leave, no one can see my monitor - but i guess i could add another picture to my door or something.

currently i've got an apple add, a picture of a cat with large eyes (digitally modified that was in a magazine) and own of an it guy overloaded by yet another sevretary who has many keyboards and phones stuck to him.

k2h said...

maybe I should have put
"if you have a problem, call me on my cell"

that is what everyone else puts so its fitting I should put it as well. the key difference I don't have a cell phone but i'm sure that doesn't matter. after all this is the season where 'its the thought that counts'

forkev said...

i tell people frequently to call me on my cell.
it amuses me. and they good and well i don't have one.